When many people think of Peru, their first thought is that of venturing to the heights of the Andes mountains and visiting the hallowed Incan sight of Machu Picchu. Resting between the mountain of Machu Picchu and its’ close sister Huayna Picchu, this magnificent site draws thousands of inquisitive history and archeological enthusiasts each week. As a matter of fact, it was so well hidden, that the conquering Spanish forces didn’t even find it as they plundered the country. The first known photograph of it didn’t get captured until Hiram Bingham took it in 1911.

While literally hundreds of thousands of images exist of this Incan masterpiece, the thing that was the biggest surprise for me on my initial trip to Peru was the cuisine! I would have never thought that Peru offered such a variety of culinary delights, but in every village or town the food was something about which ones’ taste buds were singing “hallelujah”!

From my initial lunch salad in Cusco, to the mouth-watering pizza in Puno, no meal disappointed. It is no surprise that I learned that Peru claims six of the ten top chefs in the world and is the number one destination for culinary tours on the planet! There is no doubt that you will be thrilled with the gastronomic choices laid before you.

Another pleasant surprise was the numerous quaint yet stunning churches throughout the country. With a very heavy Catholic heritage that was ushered in by the Spanish conquerors, the variety of churches both small and magnificent is something to behold. One such church is the Ruta del Barrocco Andino where the inside is so breath-taking, it is called the Sistine Chapel of South America. So much so, that you are not allowed to take pictures inside – you must but a CD with the images!

If you are a photographer who loves to capture great subjects when the light is at its’ best, then the expedition I have put together is one that you will love and appreciate. Seats are limited because the best tours are ones that are not following huge throngs of people around someone holding a flag! Don’t miss this great adventure, your taste buds will forever be grateful!

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